• What Are Neodymium Magnets Found in

    Magnets have become an essential ingredient in the present world, especially behind the manufacturing process of modern world equipment. Magnets come in different shapes, sizes and strength levels. This can be quite confusing when making a decision about the strength of the magnet needed for your project. Out of the available magnets in the present world, neodymium has gained much attention due to its unique and interesting properties. 

    Neodymium is basically a rare earth metal that can be used as a powerful magnet. They are recognized as the strongest in relation to their mass. Even the smallest neodymium magnets have the ability to support thousand times of their own mass. Even though it is a strong magnet, the price of neodymium is perfectly affordable. These reasons have increased the popularity of this magnet and it is being used for a wide range of applications in the modern world. 

    What Are Neodymium Magnets Found in

    China is the world’s largest neodymium exporter at the moment. They cater around 80% of the world’s requirements. Their demand has experienced significant growth after their discovery in 1970s. They are also known as NIB magnets and take in between N24 to N55 in the magnetism scale, which has the maximum of 64. The magnetic strength is adjusted by the manufacturers according to their requirements. 

    The neodymium magnets are susceptible to differences in temperature and they can even lose their temperature under high temperature. However, you can also find some specialized neodymium magnets in the present world that can perform under extremely high environmental temperatures. The weight of these rare earth magnets is relatively low when compared to other magnets, which has impressed the industries that use this magnet. 

    Since neodymium cup magnets are strong, their uses are extremely versatile. You can find neodymium being used for both industrial and commercial needs. The usage of these magnets in wind farms can be considered as a perfect example to prove this fact. Wind turbines require strong, efficient, affordable and low weight motors and neodymium is the best element available out there to make such motors. Since the number of wind farms in the world is increasing at a rapid rate, the demand for neodymium increases from every corner of the world. 

    Neodymium N52 is also heavily used to manufacture motors in hybrid vehicles. In addition, you can also find them in many experimental levitation devices, mounting tools, geocaching, oil filters and in clamps. This list consists of many other small scale uses and it is expected to rise along with time. 


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