• Disc Technology Highlights A New Frontier

    The concept isn’t new but rather formalized as an accepted scientific principle in 2007 with the Nobel Prize being awarded to a European team who discovered Magnetoresistance. The concept forms around the idea that weak changes in magnetic properties develop large variations in electrical resistance. This discovery helped with the popularization of iPods as the first truly reliable and long battery lasting handheld technology the world has ever seen.

    The Possibilities

    The ability to create such a reaction, weak variations in magnetic properties and extreme fluctuations in electrical resistance enabled engineers to establish long play battery life cycles, internal to the hardware specifications set forth by Apple. Other digital devices soon followed suit, and the Magnetoresistance enables greater flexibility in sensitive reading tools and calibrations, reducing error potential not only in handheld entertainment platforms but also in medical procedures and prosthetics.

    This unique ability allows the tools to draw data from hard drives and other similar memory functions. The decrease in utilized power sources brought changes to miniaturization, developments that make the 80s insertion of the Sony Walkman look completely blasé and uneventful. The developments have become standard in the industry in only seven years inserting its potential into the latest pairings with rare earth magnet operations.

    Establishing Physics in Everyday Real Life

    The Magnetoresistance revolution has become so widespread in popular technology that the industry relies on it for its storage and generative properties. Every popular culture device of the past five years utilizes the process, and it is most grandly inserted deep into industrial technologies as well. Processing speeds have increased a hundredfold in such a short time, while layered data description has sped up to allow streaming capabilities on even the most bargain-basement laptop.

    Every piece of Halbach array technology relies on the process, as miniaturization is the path chosen for advancements in science. 

    For more information, please visit https://www.stanfordmagnets.com/

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