• Prof Schuller presented his groundbreaking finding at the American Physical Society meeting conducted in Denver.  It is a magnetic sensitive material, which can alter the use of hard disks and storage devices. 

    He has created a metal bilayer, using thin layers of nickel with vanadium oxide and the resulting structure is sensitive to heat. This means, only minor changes in temperature is needed to alter the magnetism of the drives and ferrite magnets. This finding could be very useful in electronic engineering and Halbach array

    What is this New Magnetic Material or Magnetic Electricity?

    According to Prof Schuller, there’s nothing close to the material found and it can be engineered. He further states that magnetism can be controlled using this, without real application of a magnetic field. He states it could be possible to control current or voltage, with it. 

    He further adds, when at a minimal temperature, it functions as an insulator and at the higher temperature, it turns into a metal. In the interim, it is a unique and different material. Unlike other major systems that require ample heat using lasers, his finding uses very less heat and that’s great. 

    Though he agrees it is an incredible finding, he does not limit the uses for it. He says, for now, it is difficult to comment on the possible uses but believes it can help come up with innovative technologies and unexpected uses. 

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  • We all utilize a neodymium magnet as a part of one structure or the other; we simply don't have a clue about what we do. There are such a variety of employments and preferences of this stunning bit of human creation of which we are uninformed. One can without much of a stretch discover a neodymium magnet in a hard plate of a machine, earphones, and uproarious speakers to name a couple. Furthermore, these magnets are enormously compelling and empower us to do things where typical iron or ferrite magnets demonstrate inadequately. 

    So what are neodymium magnets? Is it accurate to say that they are a Martian metal that originated from space? To your disillusionment, there is no such paranoid idea. It is a rare earth magnet - an amalgam including components, for example, Iron, neodymium and boron. The compound equation for this one of a kind composite is Nd2fe14b. All the more regularly one is liable to discover crystalline structures fit as a fiddle in the matter of a neodymium magnet. This composite is effortlessly the strongest changeless magnet accessible

    This neodymium magnet compound was uncovered by General Motors Corporation, China Academy of Science and Sumitomo Special Metals in 1982. Around then there was an incredible need to discover a suitable financially savvy trade for Smco lasting magnets in view of its climbing expenses. 

    Why Are People So Attracted to Rare Earth Magnets Like Neodymium

    Today these magnets are made by means of two handling structures - sintered (powdered) and reinforced magnet process. Roughly 45000 to 50,000 tons of sintered magnets are handled consistently in examination to 5500 tons of reinforced magnet. The contrast might be ascribed to the interest and supply issue. The remanence i.e. the measure of the quality of the attractive field of a magnet is high for a sintered magnet. The Curie temperature (named after Pierre Currie, renowned French physicist, and spouse of Marie Curie) is the temperature at which the magnet loses its attraction is same for both types of neodymium magnets (approx. 310 to 400o C). The Curie temperature of these magnets could be expanded to 800o in the wake of alloying them with terbium and dysprosium. 

    The neodymium rare earth magnets are otherwise called neodymium iron boron magnets. No prizes for speculating why. Other prevalent names by which it is alluded by is neodymium rare earth magnets. The one of a kind viewpoint about these magnets is that they have an outstandingly high imperviousness to get demagnetized. This makes them extremely helpful for different mechanical and in addition modern provisions. As a little size magnet structure is compelling, the neodymium magnets are movable. Furthermore, most likely the best perspective is they are competitive making them ideal for lab experimentation and examination. One can without much of a stretch discover neodymium plate magnets and neodymium ring magnets. 

    The downside of these rare earth magnets is that they are extremely destructive in nature; consequently, need to take care of with total alert. Several these magnets utilized with the little mind can undoubtedly snap your finger. So it needs to be utilized with alert and consideration. They can burst into flames at high temperatures however work well in conditions where low temperatures are kept up. 

    There is enormous employment of neodymium rare earth magnets. They are utilized within the medicinal services industry (in MRI machines), in security gear, for example, Halbach array, cautions and switches, to the hard plate of workstations.

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  • The name Neodymium starts from the Greek words "neos" significance new and "didymos" importance twin. It was uncovered by Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach in Vienna, Austria in 1885; nonetheless it took an additional 40 years to disconnect it in its generally immaculate structure in 1925. He divided neodymium, and the component praseodymium, from a material known as didymium by method for fragmentary crystallization. Sounds convoluted? It is, so I won't go into it here, yet suffice to say as logical comprehension advanced so the virtue of the completed item enhanced and can now be handled to an immaculateness of <99.9%!

    A standout amongst the most engaging attributes of neodymium magnets are their moderately minimal effort nonetheless, the heft of current preparation is from China, and concerns have been brought as of late up in expending nations on the grounds that the Chinese government has as of late forced 'key materials controls' on the component. No more governmental issues!

    It is an unfathomably helpful component and is a key segment of a combination utilized as a part of the creation of lightweight magnets for electric engines of crossover autos, in generators for wind turbines, amplifiers and also being a well known added substance in glass, providing for it a trademark ruddy purple shade, particularly valuable in lasers emanating infrared light.

    You may additionally find these little however capable magnets in your wireless or your workstation's hard drive and is likewise one of the various metals in a composite ordinarily utilized within the smoke lighter stones. There is additionally much data out there in regards to its profits or generally, in torment help of conditions, for example, joint inflammation, back/spine torment, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus and anxiety cerebral pains, asthma, muscle fits, toothaches, strains, and swelling, joint ache and cracks. So you can see that someplace along the way you have most likely possessed or utilized a bit of this 'rare earth component', (however it is really not rare whatsoever, truth be told its richness in the Earth's outside is about 38mg/kg and Neodymium stores are evaluated at 8 million tons!).

    Neodymium magnets are created out of a blending of Neodymium, Iron, and Boron and are greatly compelling, this expanded quality has motivated some new provisions, for example, magnetic adornments fastens and magnetic building sets for kids and thus lies the fun viewpoint.

    One such spark is the Wiki M-Cube it is a riddle like you have never seen previously! It comprises of 216 exceedingly magnetic Neodymium rare earth magnets with a solid nickel plated surface, much more effective than your normal cooler magnets.

    Everyone has a north and south extremity, permitting you to make a bunch of diverse shapes and examples in both 2d and 3d. There is nobody result, yet it is a riddle on the off chance that you decide to set yourself testing targets. Actually furnishing a proportional payback to its unique shape once destroyed is harder than it sounds. It could be formed into offbeat gems or etched into motivating shapes and when you get exhausted with your creation you simply need to begin once more. It will engross you for quite some time and can help to mitigate anxiety, create the imaginative side of your cerebrum and calm fatigue.

    It makes the ideal official toy and might look beautiful on any office work area. Your children will additionally love it and you'll be pricing it out of their deft fingers at each open door (however not for youngsters under 36 months because of little parts). Then again, take notice, once you begin, you can't put it down, it is genuinely addictive!

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  • Magnets usually conjure up the image of complex applications in different industries and in the home, they are used to hold items on the fridge door, top on the list being next week’s shopping list, your toddler’s drawing from school and a duty roster for your older kids.

    More uses have been devised for the simplest of activities in the home without having to break the bank. Rare earth magnets can now become part of your daily or weekly routine if you use them in any of the following ways.

    1. The remote control remains faithful until the batteries die and need changing. Removing the batteries is always a task and a half for most people as the batteries sit tightly inside the remote. You can use a magnet to pull the batteries out instead of struggling with them for hours on end.

    2. Pens have the uncanny habit of disappearing whenever they are required and keeping them in place is not always possible. Making use of the magnet to keep a pen glued to a surface means you will always know where to find a pen when you need it. A magnetic pen can have a magnet between the body and the handle so that it can be stuck to any surface where it will stay put. 

    3. Items drop-down drains and reaching down for them is not always a pleasant experience. A magnet tied to a piece of string can be lowered into the drain to attract the item to it and then pulled out. It takes much less time and is a lot cleaner.

    4. When a wall is painted, screw and nail heads may get covered. Looking for these may be a difficult task which can sometimes lead to chipping the freshly-done paint. Running a magnet over the wall may be an easier way of identifying the nails and screws and once you find them you can leave the magnets in place as markers.

    5. Snacks like chips get soggy if not finished when they are opened. Magnets can keep them fresher for longer in a simple way. Once the bag of chips is opened but the contents not cleared, the bag can be folded over as usual and two magnets placed on either side of the bag. This keeps them fresh and crispy for the next time you will open the bag.

    N52 Magnets don’t have to be serious gadgets only but can be used to solve simple problems in the home as well.


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  • In spite of sluggish behavior in related tech markets, the permanent magnetic market is in the throes of a substantial upswing with the money saving factors of thrift and responsibility in regards to energy efficiency while witnessing a global increase in electrification. The growth stems primarily from automotive concerns as well as natural resource capture in the wind-powered industry. 

    Vehicles are becoming more efficient with energy usage, with engineered designs improving the efficiency of hybrid cars, electric automobiles, and power steering upgrades. The turbine market for wind harvesting falls closely behind in demand, with the manufacturing of the turbines seeing all-time highs for demand and better designs offer lower costs for construction and utilization.

    Looking to the Supply Source

    Currently, China is the leading provider for permanent magnet supply, working with an estimated 23% of the world’s supply of rare earth metals. The dominated marketplace has placed China in a position to regulate pricing for demand as an afterthought, similar to currency manipulation on the open market. Availability or demand does not drive prices but is instead disregarded for control issues. With a monopoly on the metals required for permanent magnets resting solely in China’s hand, prices can continue to fluctuate on Chinese interests and not worldwide demand.

    Minerals coming under Chinese control include ferrite as well as the rare earth metals commonly heard mentioned in the news with conjunction to cell phone technology. These include dysprosium, of which China controls 99% of the market and neodymium of which they control 95%. Strategic steps are being taken by the Chinese government to keep control of the market, but evolving technologies may prove to be the lynchpin in bringing the giant down.

    Light at the End of the Tunnel

    Recent discoveries in heat fluctuating metal sources of nickel and vanadium have found that subtle heat changes allow a wide range of magnetic shift as those required by the forcible manipulation of rare earth magnets.  This technology is still in the developmental stage, though laboratory tests show great promise in this inexpensive substitution for a market resource controlled by China. Oddly enough, it is the consumer boom in China itself that is helping fuel the influx of need, so at least for the time being, prices aren’t so out of control as to knock out non-Chinese manufacturing competition.

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