• Neodymium Magnets in Pediatric Ingestion-related Injuries

    The popularity of neodymium magnets is increasing day by day. Many people and industries find it as a great element available for their projects. Unfortunately, the increased usage of neodymium has created a wide range of health issues. Even though most of these issues take place as a result of negligence, it is important to pay attention to this and keep people away from these harmful effects as much as possible. 

    Neodymium is about 20 times stronger than the traditional magnets out there. This fact has increased the number of pediatric ingestion-related injuries. It has even been proven from an abstract released from The American Academy of Pediatrics at the National Conference and Exhibition that took place in Orlando. According to their abstract, this health issue is common not just within the United States. Many other countries that use neodymium in large scale including China, Australia, and the United Kingdom have experienced it. 

    Neodymium Magnets in Pediatric Ingestion-related Injuries

    Neodymium became a common element in the manufacturing process of jewelry, toys and other novelty items in the early 2000s. During the late 2000s, it became an important aspect of the novelty toys, which were aimed at adults. Along with the increasing number of incidents in pediatric ingestion-related injuries, the US Consumer production safety commission banned the sale of all the products that included this powerful magnet. The seriousness was highlighted in 2012 with the numerous cases that were related to pediatric bowel perforation and the death of one child who had accidentally swallowed it. 

    At the moment, you won’t be able to find kids’ toys that contain neodymium within the United States. However, it has not put a stop to the above-mentioned problems because some countries still use this magnet in toys. You can easily find adult desktop toys on the Internet for sale. As per the latest news, it has been identified that Canada is taking necessary actions to ban such toys and save Canadians from neodymium. 

    In summary, neodymium is a powerful magnet available and they are invaluable in most of the industries like in wind power generation. Therefore, the industries that use these elements should use them in an appropriate manner and the people who use them should also take care when purchasing items containing neodymium magnets.

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